octobre 16, 2014
Life so far,

Maybe one day I’ll return to tumblr, but for now I’m enjoying my life in France.

Photo’s from my trip so far;


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août 31, 2014

It’s so eerie sitting in this house, almost everyone’s left, and I’ve said goodbye to a lot of people, with most farewelled by the stroke of midnight.
Finally, it’s happening! I’m going to France, 100% certainty.

It’s come to the end of an era of my life, my previous year has changed so much, and now it’s time to adventure on the biggest journey yet!

juillet 7, 2014
"Laws should reflect morals, but morals should in no way shape or form be influenced by laws."

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juillet 6, 2014
Australia vs. France

I haven’t posted much regularly; I’ve posted basically everything that is of relevance.

Tumblr has been a major part of my principle, value and ethical development. Along with being apparent in so many other areas of life.
But what else is there to post?

I don’t allude to much of my daily personal life in Tumblr, I let some things slip here and there but for the most part, nothing.

For those imaginary followers who have followed me throughout my Tumblr journey you may have noticed I had the aspiration to travel to travel to France, since, I’m not sure when.
Well, it comes to that point in life where I decide to realy do something, thus -

I’m going to France!

This post is just to announce that from now on, instead of voicing my opinions regarding political theory, I will be documenting my journey from Australia to France

juillet 3, 2014
Working 9-5

I’m not going to say I’ve got it tough at work (although, intrinsically it is subjective), not when compared to some people who work 9-5.

But working full pace in a stressful environment for 3 hours; I have to ask - why the fuck does anyone choose that lifestyle?

I mean, that was stressful enough - and that’s 3 hours out of what? A good portion of your life. I can’t believe people actually do that day in, day out, with a small break here and there, and look forward to retirement.

Fuck all that shit off, I’ll slit my wrists before I have a (stressful) full time job.

juin 28, 2014
"earn X% more"

Have you ever noticed that the prospect of going to university is sold as “graduates on average earn X% more than those who don’t attend”
Like, who gives a fuck? It’s merely money. Money doesn’t bring happiness.

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juin 8, 2014

So this is finally the point in my life where I stick to my morals and ideals and principles.

No settling down,
No full time job,
No suffocating loyalty to one country.

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mai 15, 2014
"After tonight, my back better fucking look like a Jackson Pollock"

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mars 9, 2014
La chaîne de montagne on Flickr.

La chaîne de montagne on Flickr.

mars 9, 2014
Murs de Jérusalem on Flickr.

Murs de Jérusalem on Flickr.

mars 9, 2014
Le paon on Flickr.

Le paon on Flickr.

mars 8, 2014
Maison dans la forêt on Flickr.

Maison dans la forêt on Flickr.

mars 8, 2014
Levee Food Co. on Flickr.

Levee Food Co. on Flickr.

mars 8, 2014
L’hôtel en bord de mer on Flickr.

L’hôtel en bord de mer on Flickr.

mars 7, 2014
Maison de la custom on Flickr.

Maison de la custom on Flickr.

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